Thursday, September 13, 2012

Health care? For all????????

I am out of the house....YEAH!!! After finally feeling that I won't scare little children with all the red patches and lesions I had, I felt it was time to show my face to the world. Okay, none of the patches were on my face and I never wear shorts or sleeveless tops so no one could have seen the anyway or knew what they were.....hell I still do not know what they are!!!! After six meds from anti-biotic, fungal meds, creams, oils and ointments I do know I look more like I am 57 than 100. Now if they can make me look 27....

Those who know me I am kind of a hypochondriac.. I am a Jew from Bakersfield it is either paranoid or hypochondriac I chose the latter. I thought I had flesh eating disease or worse yet, I contracted a spore from a universe, far far away and I was turning into an alien to be sent back to their planet to repopulate their species. Okay maybe a bit paranoid here. Of course I am joking, well, yes I am joking the point of all of this is the health care I received.

When I was working I was part of the Cedars Sinai med group. Any meds, tests, doctor visits were the best. I was in good hands. I when I lost my job and insurance, I had no place to go. I made 100 bucks too much to get the state insurance on unemployment and well you all have heard about county care. So when these rashes and things cropped up I convinced myself it was stress. It finally got to the point where I could not ignore it cause not I was also feeling pretty crappy. My choices were USC Harbor, which trust me been there done that and that place will scare anything out of you, or the MLK ambulatory clinic, which has recently gotten good press when they closed the hospital due to all the deaths. I chose MLK. After waiting 9 hours, I saw a doctor, who was nice but looked at me and said, he had  no idea what I had and I needed to see a specialist which could take up to 6weeks. If I had flesh eating bacteria.....

As luck would have it the doctor pushed my case and I got to see a specialist in a couple of days. This time I waited over 2 hours and ran from building to building to get correct cards and paperwork. When I did see the doctor...excuse me PA, she said what I feared.... She had no idea what it was either, but she listen calmly and connected the dots and said that though it was out of her area she would get me some blood tests and meds that could help. From there I went to the lab where they took 12 vials of blood then the pharmacy for all the meds again spending a half a day there.

Am I grateful, well, I still fell crappy but the skin is getting much better, but what would have happened to someone who did not know the system. Republicans( not all) say the poor are, lazy, stupid, mooches ,leeches, immigrants and people abuse the system.  Guess what folks, I am none of that and I know many who are in dire need of medical who do not fit into those categories,

I am lucky I have a neighborhood pharmacy that works with me and I understand most of how the County works but many are not that lucky. It is difficult to believe you are worth getting quality health care when people are thinking you are stealing taxpayers money. Hell I want to work, I hate not having money, insurance and I am constantly in fear of the next shoe falling. I am lucky though, I understand what to do, and can understand the system, others may not. I am lucky I did get help others may not. Do you want to be one who is not.... I do not think so!. Let's fix the health care system so we can all be the lucky ones! End of soapbox!!!!


  1. Wow! What a saga, Judith! I'm glad you at least feel better. I also have a Bakersfield friend who has experienced what sounds like you did -- red patches and lesions, for no apparent reason. She does have insurance and has gone to so many doctors, she's sick of THEM! Still doesn't know what the deal was.

    AND, I agree with you totally about the health care needs in our country.

    Meanwhile, you take good care of yourself. xoA

  2. Oh my what a trial ...

  3. Oh my what a trial ...

  4. Oh my what a trial ...