Thursday, September 1, 2011

Let's start at the end!

So I am back home in my apartment with a story to tell. I would like to end on an up note so lets us start at the end... Oh by the way I am sitting here with a half caf soy latte and yes I am enjoying it quite well.

When I got home last night after a delayed flight, Supper Shuttle  losing my reservation or so I thought, a call from my landlord just as I was asked to turn off my phone, which is rarely a good thing and a long ride home and getting paid far far less than I was told, I carried all my stuff upstairs to find my doors locked and no keys where they were supposed to be left. So the new me called my neighbor who was not home to see where she left my keys. She did not answer the phone. I went by my landlords apt, who was home to try and get the spare key. She did not answer the door nor did she answer her phone. Okay New me is beginning to get a bit ticked off, well a lot ticked off. My cats are yelling through the window and I am just tired! I took a deep breath and decided to trust that my landlord was with a client and she would have to come out sometime. I was calmed down by my friend John so the wait was not so bad. After about 20 mins her client left and of course she was in a good space and talked to me with the key I so wanted in her hand. She talked, and talked and talked. Finally she gave me the key and I made it in to find my cats did a number on my place. Cups were on the ground, hairballs and just a little bit disarray. My neighbor did a great job feeding my cats and playing with them but they wanted me to know it is not acceptable leaving them with their auntie for 11 days.  I went to the cabinet to see all the wet food was gone. I had left plenty of food for their auntie to feed them. Well she felt bad for them and fed them each a whole can. She did come home later and gave me two cans to tide me over until I can go shopping for them.
I will write later on how today is going but for a little hint, I am smiling.

So the good side of the day. I took my client to all his appointments. I saw the results of his blood work and for someone who did the eating part of the program at about 75% he lost 5 pounds, his triglycerides went down over 100 points and is cholesterol went down over 40 points. I can only imagine for someone who followed it 100% what my blood work would say. I did weigh however and lost over 11 pounds. To that I can say, I am proud. After several exit classes on how to keep living this life, I went to my room and found the doctors vegan cookbook on my chair. It was a gift from the director of the program. I was swept by emotions, the staff were amazing to me. I figured that was a great place to start.

We ended with a celebration lunch which again was so good. The staff and Doctors told us how proud they were of the accomplishment of all the participants. I received a card from the staff telling me that they loved having me there. There is a chance I may be part of a study that I could come back up there and really work the program, but time will tell. After our favorite dessert of chocolate soy mousse, the participants all got to take a colored stone that had a word on it. As people were picking their stones they described what the word meant to them. Some of the words were, patience, wisdom, love, compassion. I was surprised at the end they let me pick a stone. I dug into the basket and got the word.....

So let me end on a wonderfully sweet note. The program, might have just saved my life. I know I will continue to cut out sugars and drink half caf coffee and even keep my dairy to to soy or less fat variety. Will it work, I am not sure. I do know, I cleaned all the junk out and shopped for my new foods, but more on that on a later day. I need to trust that I am, as the song goes, amazing just the way I am. Oh and the word I got, it was trust. Need I say more.


  1. Oh, I love this ending! Yes. Trust. The process. And YOURSELF.

    Big hugs and thank you,
    Annis xo

  2. WOW. Yes Judith, trust! Maybe this word, "TRUST", can be your daily affirmation! You are in my thoughts and I am sending you good wishes!!