Friday, January 27, 2012

My AHA moment

I now realize why I am currently not working. Is it because I am too good at what I do...No that would be arrogant (and yes I am good at what I do) Is it because there are no jobs for me....well that could be true but I truly do not believe that. Is it because I am under qualified...well if you believe the first statement that would not be true too. So why is it why am am not working in my field. The field of homeless mentally ill men and women, a noble profession...Why, why why OH WHY am I not working. Well after doing the first 2 days of my community service I found out why and THANK YOU GOD for pointing it out to me. I am currently doing service at a day center for mentally ill women. The staff loved the fact I dug in and helped the women with their needs. The clients where happy because I was compassionate to their needs. I was happy that I was getting my parking tickets paid for. So again can you guess why I am not working..... Hold on a moment longer.

So a woman walked into the center (no this is not the beginning of an old joke) and she had CP. She was able to walk but her speech was almost unrecognizable. The staff did the best they could but did not have the patience to sit and really listen to what she wanted. I have and wonderful friend named Dina who is one of the lights in my life and she has CP. All my friends who have met her adore her. Her speech is impaired but her mind is as sharp as a tack. I sometimes have to ask her to repeat what she is saying and I am always glad I do so because she comes up with some of the funniest things you ever want to hear. By the way, she has a reoccurring part on the HBO series LUCK starting soon. (see Dina a plug for you!!!!) Anyways I chose to take some time to find out what she needed. After several attempts, I found out what she wanted to say. It was thank you! When I said you are very welcome she smiled and caught a bus to see her doctor. Time and patience and of course compassion is what this field needs

I guess you are still wondering what my AHA moment was. Well I can tell you. It takes a special type of person to work with the severally mentally disabled homeless. I did it for 11 years and did a good job in advocating for my clients. I gave them some compassion in the hopes that they saw hope in their future. Yes I know I have not gotten to the point. I actually am kind of embarrassed to say this but my AHA moment was....I really do not like doing this job!. There I said it. I liked teaching, and job case management but I did not enjoy the rest. I think that is why I did not look hard for jobs this past 2 years, and why I am excited to look at other resources for jobs that may not stress me out so much. I enjoy being good at what I do and I LOVE LOVE LOVE helping those who need a hand. No buts there is an however...My love will always be for those who are the underdogs and no not the flying dog but those who feel helpless, hopeless and at the end of their ropes. I also know it is time to do work that I am good at and enjoy! I deserve that and work with people as a job coach or case  manager for those who do not have severe and persistent mental disabilities is a way for me to go. Well either that or a bartender, that way I can serve drinks and still talk to people but I really do want my nights free.. What will my next job be, who knows, but what I do know, Iwill be grateful for this AHA moment!

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  1. I love this, Judith! AHA is a wonderful sound -- inside our heads and out loud. So this is the blessing of the parking tickets and community service. A "toast" and love to you, my friend. xoA