Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Birthdays and Bombshells

First I need to wish my best friend HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN!  I wish I could be there to celebrate! Love you lots and miss you.

So the last 24 hours have been filled with massive learning curves and a massive headache. Getting off sugar...hard, giving up animal protein....harder....giving up my coffee-caffeine ...HELL! Overall I am learning with a little experience I could easily go vegetarian. I had this great whole wheat pasta last night with "meatballs" It consisted of every nut from walnuts and almonds to pistachio and mixed with figs. It was so good and very filling. We had a quinoa and farrow hot cereal this morning which took me a few bites but by the end I liked it along with some fresh fruit.  Along with the water intake and the fact I could pee me a river every 30 mins, I have lost 5 pounds. Whoooooooo!

The bombshell, came to a surprise to me but I am sure not to my friends. The lecture last night talked a lot about right and left brain function. Also if you are doing something against how you internally are you can become very fatigued.  Insight???? I should not be doing a job that involves mental health and I need to be doing something creative! Wow, I knew I was tired but let me tell you this was a big  AH HA moment!

I am so exhausted doing what I had can you imagine what would happen if I got creative? I hear the staff calling me so more later!.


  1. Proud'a you, Judith! You are a woman of courage and determination, getting off the sugar, caffeine, and meat all at once.

    'Atta girl!


  2. Thank you, my friend! And what a journey you are on......makes me proud and happy for you! XOXO JM