Monday, August 29, 2011

C.I.A Cooking and Oh heck I feel crappy

Overall it was a beautiful day...I feel like crap but it was a nice day.

We started the day with a veggie fritata which was of course yummy, then went to a 3 hour lecture on nutrition which was quite informative.  Learned a lot on what to eat, what to buy and later learned how to cook it but more on that later.

After lunch we went to the Culinary Institute which used to be an old winery. The place was magnificent. The history in the place was amazing. We got to see the private kitchens and the old wine barrels and even got to shop in the store. I could have bought the place out but alas no money. It is amazing to watch the student chefs prepare food and it was a blast to go to places that the visitors on the whole do not get to go.

After then tour we went to a health food store and had a tour of it by the head chef Andy who told us how to shop. The reason I said I felt crappy is that, I must have had some reaction like a blood sugar spike or lower because I got hot and clammy and dizzy and sick to my stomach. No it was not menopause but the rest of the afternoon and even now, I do not feel good. Oh well I am hope it is a majors toxin clearing out!

Dinner was special because we made it our self.  Meatless meatballs, tomato topping (fresh) Salad, polenta and the vegan chocolate mouse (no sugar). We got to pick what we wanted to make. I picked the meatballs. Little did I know it was the most work. Feeling to crappy to got into it fully but best part was it turned out. In fact every ones dish turned out. Must make this for my vegan friends soon. 

So I would say more but I need to relax... I hope I feel better tomorrow!

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