Friday, August 26, 2011

Car 54 where are you?

The fish lunch was amazing. We started with a tortilla soup with lots of veggies (per usual) and then FISH!!! It was a fish taco on a corn tortilla and some cabbage. For dessert, fruit salad. For once I could not even finish my meal. A person from the group said to take it upstairs for later. Me the food addict did not even think to do that!

Next stop the pool with a wonderful workout at the Napa Valley Spa. It was nice to get into the water and workout. I talked the staff into going into the steam room which had a eucalyptus steam. It was so nice to relax and enjoy.... At 315 we waited for our transportation.  3:30 we were waiting for our transportation.....3:45 they were on the way (5 min drive away)....4:00pm still no van. We had a cooking class set for 3:45 and I was beginning to get ticked off.....4:14 no van .....4:20 the van arrived and we took off like a bat out of hell.  I was so upset I did not want to go to the class because I did not want to walk into the middle of a class without knowing what was going on... After I calmed down, I did go and I learned how to make great Gorp, A green smoothie which was actually good, cous cous with dates for a breakfast and yes it was all good...

Dinner was a Thai stir fry with tofu, purple beans snow peas, nuts and veggies and a yellow miso soup with a ton of veggies in it like cauliflower, and edamame. It was good!  After a tough morning and a good afternoon I am ready for bed but it is only 7:05.  Guess I will go to the lecture on forgiveness...Lord knows I need that!

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