Friday, August 26, 2011

Fish, what a dish...

So after a traumatic lecture on hormones and the need to have them but do you get the horse kind or the bio identical kind or the, take a pill and keep me from blasting the next person I see kind confused me to no end. I  was a little disturbed with all the  information I am getting here but most of it makes sense. I am tired but overall okay.

So today we got to go to the big farmers market in St Helena with out chef. We had breakfast of greek yogurt fruit and granola and went through the market asking questions about lots of new veggies. We were told today that for lunch we were having fresh fish. FISH. OMG real honest to goodness FISH. We all were hoping for salmon but it will be cod, but I do not care. It is FISH!.  We all got to pick a new veggie to try over the next few days, I picked a lemon cucumber, but we are having also purple beans and lots of greens I have no idea how to pronounce, will let you know later how that went.

Well to day is a busy day and I am not sure when I can get to the rest of it. My client is going to a group so I must leave. But later today a pool class and a cooking class... Let me leave you hanging...

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