Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oh what a beautiful morning....

After a rough day yesterday, today is appearing to be a bit better. Yesterday afternoon  my client was not doing well and had decided to go home. An intervention was done and after much more medication...2 nicotine patches, nic. nasal spray, gum and lozenges he is doing better... I HOPE, since I have been running around trying to get him to the lectures but I guess you can consider running around exercise so I guess it is good. Best part of yesterday is I got a chair massage and since no one took advantage of it I got about 45 mins of a free massage. OMG did I need that.

Overall the food had been really good. It is vegan and so now I am currently off sugar, caffeine and now all meat!.  This is not as hard as it sounds although it is interesting that it takes about 1/2 hour before I get full. I guess the food swells when you are drinking the amount of water in an Olympic size swimming pool a day. At least it is water that is infused with really good things like fruit and spices. Yesterday for lunch we had a salad yet again but it had nuts and beans in it and it was really good. The soup on the other hand was maybe my least favorite. It was a green soup with a ton of veggies but it was very bitter. It is really funny that on the first night we got this really fabulous sugar free dessert and after dinner all of us wait for dessert and wait...and wait... Oh says the chef... the dessert was an anomaly. The look on every ones face was pissed. Great, not cigarettes, and now no dessert. Crap! This morning we had crepes with a pear blueberry topping and fresh berries. Yes an egg less crepe. It was made with soy milk and tofu. I think it was good I am not sure since the berries masked a lot of it!  Of course it was not enough. We were all waiting for the next course but alas there was none.... and lunch is not for two hours!

Today though I am excited because we are going to do swimming off campus at a day spa. I am so looking forward to swimming and a steam!!! The lecture today on exercise was a bit confusing! They believe that interval training is key but you only have to do it every other day for 15mins. They also believe to not eat after working out. Now I am confused but I am willing to see the results doing it their way while I am here! Lost today 1.3 pounds for a total of 7 pounds so maybe I need to shut up and keep doing!

Everyday I am grateful for the beautiful views and the clean air.  This is truly a beautiful place, well if it wasn't in a hospital but not complaining..okay maybe a little but give me a break 4 days without my crutches I am doing WELL!!!


  1. Judith, thanks for sharing your journey. You're doing an awesome job! I'm so proud of you! Keep up the great work. You can totally do this! ~Amina

  2. Yes, Judith, thank you. Your candid accounts of your days are amazing and inspiring. xoA