Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Is this the end....? Oh hell no!

So we have come to my last day of heaven on earth... Well it is heaven if you think running into a MAC truck head on heaven but who is it for me to say. It has been a ride and a 1/2 or for you old timers an E ride at Disneyland.

I am feeling a bit better than yesterday. I do think because of my diet being too clean and all the stress that this has brought on I think I was detoxing...or maybe my body was telling me "BIG JUICY CHEESE BURGER WITH ALL THE TOPPINGS AND A LARGE FRY AND ONION RINGS"  or maybe not.

Today was a lovely day. We had baked oatmeal, yes I said baked and OMG it was the best. It was as close to bread pudding and with an added dash of soy milk it was to goooooooood. After breakfast we had a hike at White Sulphur Springs. It was breathtakingly beautiful, and in some spot absolutely smelly, but most of the times it smelled like the woods. We saw hawks and ducks flying just hoping the hawks did not spot the ducks. I hiked the whole trail which was about 2. miles. So a side story. I was a bit behind two  thin men of our group and I had mentioned that I had to pee me a river.  They also had to go so they started walking fast. I was a bout 2 mins. behind them. Well, As the life coach I was talking and walking with got to the end spot, we saw the bus, leaving along with a life coach's car right behind. The four of us left kept jumping up and down hoping they would stop but a my luck goes, they did not see us. The doctor who went on the hike with us was kind enough to talk to a grounds keeper at a church to open a bathroom. I was so relieved, I mean it I was relieved.

As the bus came back to pick us up to go to the park I was feeling a bit pissy but I did get over it and had a good laugh considering I could have peed at the graveyard across the street, so I got off lucky.  After lunch we made it to the spa again for a last swim class and steam. It was enjoyable and relaxing.

We we got back I realized I needed to pack and get ready to go tomorrow. I am sad and glad about this. Sad because I liked the people and the scenery was spectacular. Glad because let me tell you this was no vacation!  When I get back I will recap the 10 days. I may even continue to blog my journey. This is not the end, but a new beginning!

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