Sunday, August 21, 2011

Morning day one!!!

My God who the heck invented mornings should be shot..... Waking up at 4am is not an easy task when you take a 1/2 a bottle of xanax and an ambein but as some of you know this has been a stressful week. My primary client has decided he wanted rattlesnake meat. Why, I can't guess but beef jerky did the trick so I could rest easy... Oh wait he decided to bolt the day before and I could not find hm. His mom is hysterical and all I could think of was... There has got to be a better job out there... Next my mother's elevator goes out but now she is stuck in her apartment. Oh and EDD decided to give everyone on unemplyment gift cards... I will tell the best thing the state can do is give me the gift of a job... Yeah like a gift card pays the rent... Okay... that was the rant. I am here in Beautiful, Napa, no Sonoma oh hell I have know idea where I am but it is very pretty. My room looks over a wooded area. So who cares if it attatched to a hospital with screaming patients and sad sick people. We are so far removed from their misery. We are a floor down!!!  More later I just want to see if this works and then I will be more serious!  Okay maybe more serious!

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