Sunday, August 21, 2011

When pigs fly ...

If pigs could fly then there would be pork in the tree tops in September. Now that I have my attention....Man it is going to be a very interesting week. Already people are going through the smoking withdrawals and people without a cigarette can be well how shall I put it..... strange... Not mean (yet ) just edgy and boy do they eat. The program put out some wonderful non fat hummus and what is called energy balls ( I do have things to say about that but for our younger viewers I will keep it clean.) If you could snort hummus like coke these people would do it. I personally am stopping sugar and if I can I will do caffiene too. But with Starbucks in the cafe it might be a physical impossiblity. I am apparently the only one with food issues so watching people eat will be interesting. The director of the program was so sweet she said I could all the lectures which they normally don't do. She must have seen the look of I can eat you in one bite that caused her to change her mind. At this point in time I have had little to eat and the most water I have had all year.... They put out this water with limes, lemons, oranges, mint and ginger.  I think I overdosed on it!

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