Sunday, August 28, 2011

Forgivness and....all the rest.

I am jumbled up with what has been said, not said and what I thought I might have said but said it in my mind.... I believe I left off at the hike where we went to a beautiful site that reminded me of Yosemite. We grabbed a box lunch with a yummy black bean burrito and afterwards went for a hike. We found a blackberry bush where , of course, I got the only ripe blackberry and it was delisioso... Okay not a word so sue me. We then went on a tour of Ellen White's house that the founder of the Adventist religion. Quite and tour and lecture and very interesting.

When I got back I found my client off his patches again which was a small fight but it evened out when he put on a patch when I bribed him that we would get his vitamin's tmr. Okay not the best clinical practise but honestly I am tired.

Annis, so you know the forgiveness lecture was amazing.  We talked alot about how to forgive when the other person refuses to give forgiveness and also when the person is gone. I had revealed a lot about myself which did not surprise the lecturer. He was very compassionate and explained that I had already healed a lot but have a ways to go in forgiving myself. I understood that and did a list of people ,including God and have a paper to assist me through the process which I have been working on. Forgiveness is an amazing thing. If you can only forgive yourself and be tender and compassionate to yourself that is a good portion of the life's battle. Having a tender heart to yourself will bring peace to yourself. Something I will be continuing to work on for many months.. if not years.

Today was an AMAZING day. My client put on the patches and we went down for an early morning yoga class. He made it almost all the way through.. I DID make it through and did all the poses. After a breakfast of hot steel cut oats and quinoa and fresh fruit we sis a class on triggers. It is we did a thing called Soul Collage. In it we looked and some pictures and picked the ones that we felt would assist us though tough times. Sort of like a spirit guide. After cutting out a few pictures we picked a background and pasted on the card sort of like a small treasure map. Afterwards we talked about our cards and what it meant to us personally. I hope sometime I will be able to post them. I enjoyed the process I enjoyed it even more because my client did the whole 2 hours class. YEAH!!!!!

So at lunch was a salad and a buckwheat noodle, tofu Chinese kind of dish and a delightful banana Popsicle we convinced the nurse that it was too hot to do a workout at the lake. We needed to go shopping in town. Man it is hot and she actually agreed to go to town. St. Helena is a beautiful town. Sweet shops and a nice coffee shop. The town does not allow chains to be there so no Starbucks. But I decided to see if I could drink a half caf coffee with soy and no sugar... Did I do it? Did I DO it???????  Yes, and I will have to say it was not half bad. I feel like though coffee in moderation is good but I might need to reconsider a good alternative. Let me think on that.

We decided as a group that working out was bad and going back home was good, so we made it back to the hospital. My client went up to his room and one of the coaches went to the gym with me and we did some resistance work. Overall a good day.... Tomorrow the C.I.A. no silly not the C.I.A.  but the c.i.a.  Let you wonder about that one!!  I am tired and going to a dinner well deserved!

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  1. Judith ~
    Right on about the self-forgiveness being a huge part of the battle. I've heard of the Soul Collage thing. In fact, in Bakersfield, we have an Art for Healing program through Mercy Hospital, and they've done a couple Soul Collage workshops. From your description, it sounds like I would enjoy the process, too.

    I'm behind a few days so will skedaddle on to the next.

    Thank you for sharing with us. xoA