Monday, August 22, 2011

Breakfast, bon-bons, Basements and Boo Boos

After a wonderful nights sleep...well as good as I sleep, I awoke to my client telling me he was locked out of his room last night for three hours... Rough start to the morning but I figured it was still going to be a wonderful day, no I mean it no sarcasm here. Being off of sugar which I am now naming the demon from hell and caffeinee which is his mistress I am doing okay, except for a slight headache.

Breakfast was again yummy, Greek yogurt with a homemade granola and seasonal fruit. They also had wheat toast with almond butter and pear butter. It was so good I wanted seconds..Oh yeah....portion control!. During breakfast my client was sleeping trying to fill out paperwork so I had him go back to the room and I headed to the gym after the shoelaces broke when I put the shoes on...(yes it will be a good day, Yes It WILL be a good day)

So the gym is not Sports Club but as my trainers have said time and time again, you can workout anywhere. Okay no rowing machine but I biked up hills and did the elliptical for 30 mins and 15 of weights. During the workout I was finding my left foot really aching. I had stepped on a piece of glass a couple of weeks ago and I thought I had gotten it out but alas it hurt. The boo boo was really painful and being at a hospital and can't get anyone to look at it seems odd but... Dr. J at the rescue. Got some ointment and some band aids and well still sore I will live.

After the gym I go to the clients room to be sure he gets to his appointments. He answers the door half asleep. At least he slept, me not so much. Now I know we are in a hospital setting but when one tells you to go to c103 I would think the room is on floor C, wouldn't you? Yes you would, I know it!. We go to the elevators to the c level and lo and behold  it is the basement, morgue, and storage (pun intended). The look on the woman's face seeing live people startled her. Hell it startled us. Find out the room we needed was next door to our rooms. We went walking through the hospital, like a man refusing to ask for directions. He is now in the hands of the doctors while I have a needed break.

So are you wondering about the bon bons in the title.  As it goes, the gift shop which is really nice has home made  bon bons and caramels setting on the counter. Sugar free, Sure it is...not! I am dreaming of bon bons,  it has been only 26 hours and 37 mins but who's counting!

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